Japan Bonsai Garden Art

We are one of North America's largest and most respected bonsai nurseries with more than 100,000 bonsai ranging from seedlings to trees over 600 years old.

Japanese horticulturalist, Takaaki (Tak) Yamaura, was fortunate enough to train under the great bonsai master, Toshio Kawamoto, while at the University of Agriculture in Tokyo.

With more than four decades of experience, Tak has become renowned in North America as a Bonsai Master and leading authority on bonsai.

He founded Japan Bonsai over 40 years ago in British Columbia, Canada and is passionate about and devoted to providing the highest quality bonsai as well as education through his classes, demos and lectures.

At Japan Bonsai, we have a long tradition in providing only the highest quality of bonsai, service and care to retail and wholesale customers around the world.

Please feel free to browse our online catalog or visit our nursery.


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