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Newspaper / Magazine Articles about Tak Yamaura and Japan Bonsai
Article 1 (English)
Article 2 (English)
Article 3 (English)
Article 4 (English)
Article 5 (Japanese)
Article 6 (Japanese)

Bonsai Care Sheets
Shinpaku Juniper
Tsukumo Cypress
Azaleas and Rhododendrons
Olive Tree 'Olea'
Hawaiian Umbrella Tree
Fig Tree 'Green Island'
Miniature Fuchsia 'Isis'
Monterey Cypress 'C. macrocarpa'
Japanese Mound Juniper 'procumbens'
'Tree of a Thousand Stars' Serissa

Japan Bonsai Ads
Japan Bonsai Huge Moving Sale Ad
Japan Bonsai Postcard Ad

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